Celebrating Summer with Honey & Opera

June 22, 2023

Celebrating Summer with Honey & Opera

Dear Friends & Guests,

As we embrace summer in the northern hemisphere, our vibrant garden and the lush region of Veliko Tarnovo burst into life with blooming flowers. This delightful season marks the buzzing commencement of honey harvesting and the open-air opera at the medieval castle, Tsarevets Fortress.

Have you ever wondered about the enchanting process behind honey production and how we collect it for Bey House? Read more as we delve into this captivating journey, uncovering how this natural alchemy adds a delectable touch of sweetness to our dishes and drinks.

Also in this month's read, opera and castles. We embrace the opening of the enchanting open-air theater in the medieval fortress in Veliko Tarnovo. Read on!

Bulgarian Honey: World-Famous Elixer

Did you know that Bey House embraces a global trend of sustainable hospitality by producing its own honey? Nestled in one of the world's premier honey-producing regions, our bee garden is located in the medieval village of Arbanasi. The surrounding land where the bees gather their nectar is part of the protected lands of Europe. Within these lands, the natural habitat is preserved for wildlife and plants. This commitment ensures the well-being of our bees and enhances the flavours of the fresh herbs we incorporate into our dishes.

The dotted green area is part of the protected lands of Europe, adjacent to the Village of Arbanasi and Veliko Tarnovo. Find where our bee garden is on the map.

The Sustainable Mission of Honey

By cultivating our honey and tending to the land in our bee garden, Bey House actively contributes to its sustainability goals. All the food waste generated in our restaurant is composted, nurturing the growth of our flourishing garden. This cyclical process exemplifies our dedication to reducing waste and embracing eco-conscious practices.

So how do bees make Bey House Honey? The bees embark on a mission to collect nectar from the flowers that adorn the village's protected hills. Returning to our garden, they deposit the nectar into honeycomb cells. Worker bees will fan their wings to circulate air, and the water content gradually evaporates from the nectar, transforming it into the golden, viscous substance we cherish as honey. Our beekeeper carefully harvests this liquid gold, ensuring its purity and quality before bottling it.

Every guest of Bey House will find a jar of our delicious Bulgarian honey in their room. Tap the button below to get yours.

Bees will monitor their hive to protect the precious honey from contaminants and maintain its freshness. There are many dishes in our new brunch menu and dinner menu that include our own cultivated honey.

The Best Show in Town

What is better than watching a classic opera? Perhaps, classic opera while you sit in the remnants of a 1000-year-old castle under the night summer sky. The start of summer also marks the opening season of the open-air opera, Stage of the Ages, at Tsarevets Fortress. Every summer, Veliko Tarnovo attracts visitors from around the region to view this cultural spectacle under the stars and amongst the ruins of the medieval castle.

The Festival has been awarded the prestigious EFFE Label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) for 2017-2018 and 2019-2021.
Celebrity Blogger and Chef, Sonya Yankova, enjoying Chef Ivaylo’s new brunch menu at Bey House which includes many new dishes created with Bey House Honey.

Giveaways & Discounts

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As it is sweet honey and open-air festival season, we couldn't be more excited to welcome to you to Bey House this summer.

Stay cool and see you soon.

With Love,

The Bey House Team